Free 7 day Course: How to Start a Blog

I started my blog, Authentic Bride Guide, and earn money every day, even when I’m sleeping.

You can do this, too! Get instant access to the free course. 

Here's what you get

Get the exact plan I used to start my blog

Learn the strategies I still use today to generate daily income through blogging

Get tracking and strategy worksheets to keep you organized and accountable

I’ll show you exactly how to…

Day 1 – Pick your niche and name your blog
​Day 2 – Set up your social media  accounts and create your logo.
Day 3 – Set up your website the right way
​Day 4 – Write your Home Page and About Me Page
Day 5 – Write your first 3 blog posts
Day 6 – Add images to your site
Day 7 – Test your site and publish it for the world to see

I’m also sharing these extra bonuses with you!

BONUS #1: Learn how you can make money with your blog

BONUS #2: How to do SEO (search engine optimization) keyword research so your blog posts get found on Google

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Who am I?

Hi, I'm Lora!

I created Authentic Bride Guide because I have a no BS approach when it comes to weddings: It’s you and your fiance’s day. Not anybody else’s. 

I will always encourage and motivate ALL engaged couples to plan a wedding that reflects the style and personality of their relationship.

And, I’m always going to help you do this without breaking the bank. 

I've Done It.

My husband and I are all about living that debt free lifestyle and proud of it.

We hosted a freaking gorgeous wedding for 50 people in 2018 without going into debt a single penny. We made a lot of sacrifices and DIY’d the shit out of a ton! Trust me, our guests didn’t notice that most of our flowers were fake and we didn’t give favors that probably would’ve ended up in the trash the next day.

I Simplify It.

While I can’t create your wedding budget for you since I don’t know your personal financial situation and I don’t know your wedding vision, what I can do is explain everything in a way that makes sense. 

 I go beyond not only saying what to do but why you must do it and help you understand how to do it

I'm Honest.

I will always be honest with you. That’s just the kind of person I am in all areas of my life. (Just ask my Great Danes — they know too much!) I will tell you what you need to know. I will never sugar coat things and will always tell you what you need to hear. Not what you want to hear.

Founder of Authentic Bride Guide
Authentic Bride Guide