Authentic Since 2018

My story

Let’s face it brides. It’s the 21st century and modern weddings have exiled poofy sleeves, cake in the face, and the chicken dance. (But we won’t judge if you request the chicken dance because it’s your dad’s favorite.)

I started because I have one philosophy when it comes to planning your wedding: it’s YOUR day

I just can’t sit back and let you feel pressured to follow old (and overused) traditions or invite all your parent’s friends because that’s what you’re “supposed” to do.

You are truly authentic, so why would you want your wedding day to look exactly like everybody else’s and not what you’ve envisioned? #theoldrulesdontapplyanymore

ABG exists to encourage and motivate engaged couples to plan an authentic wedding that reflects the style and personality of their relationship.

I’m committed to inspire ALL couples planning a wedding that celebrates love and friendship. This site celebrates and welcomes the LGBTQ+ community.

I passionately believe that no one has the right to tell you or pressure you how to make wedding decisions, even if they are helping foot the bill. 

I share actionable wedding planning advice that helps you plan the wedding of your dreams without going broke.

I’ll constantly encourage your authenticity to shine bright on your big day. You deserve to have a wedding as authentic as you are.

After all, this is #notyourmotherswedding