Changing your last name after wedding ceremony

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How to Change Last Name After Marriage

“And now I pronounce you husband and wife”!

Or should we say, Mr. and Mrs. Such and Such?

In the past women changed their last name, no questions asked.

Nowadays many brides want to keep their maiden name. And that’s ok!

Some others chose to hyphenate, or ask their fiancé to take their last name! (It’s been known to happen.

It’s going without saying that before you decide about keeping or changing your last name, you have to talk with your partner and explain to him the reasons behind your decision.

If you don’t know what to do, we have a list of the pros and the cons of sharing the same name.

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Not Changing Your Last Name

Many brides don’t want to change their maiden name.

You are just getting married. You won’t become a different person.

If changing your name might make you feel like losing your identity, just don’t do it!

Besides, it’s an obsolete tradition.

If your fiancé’s name is to difficult to pronounce and you are not in love with, it’s ok to keep yours. He should understand.

Career-wise it’s more appropriate to keep your own name.

Especially if you have established a reputation in your field.

It might be hard to introduce yourself again as Mrs. Such and Such.

Your decision to keep your maiden name might bring some tension in your relationship.

If your spouse wants you to take his name, you should start by expressing your true feelings about your decision.

Your love will stay the same whatever your name is.

You really don’t have to fight over a name!

Even if don’t change your name, a lot of people will presume that you did.

This means that they will call you by your husband’s name.

If you don’t wish to correct everyone you meet, you may want to consider changing it, but don’t let that be the main reason.

Changing Your Last Name

If you decide to keep your last name it might make you feel more like a family unit, especially when you have kids.

A common last name can make things run smoother when you go on vacation when you have to deal with school stuff, and even when you’re just filing paperwork.

If your maiden name is not your favorite in the world, it’s a good opportunity to change it!

Are you a DIY savvy?

When you share the last name you can create personalized decorations and monogrammed items more easily!

Plus, when you make dinner reservations we will only use one last name.

Of course, don’t change your name just to order monogrammed wine glasses.

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Other Name Change Options

Fortunately, it’s not just black and white when you choose which name to take.

There are other options to consider, as well.

You can hyphenate your last name.

You can have your maiden name and your husband’s.

Sometimes the groom keeps only his last name or decides to hyphenate as well.

Are you the last member of your family with your maiden name, but you want to take your partner’s name? No problem.

You can use your maiden name as the first or middle name for your child.

Family legacy is now secured!

Changing or keeping your name is a personal decision. And no matter what you decide to do, make sure to follow your heart.

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How to change last name after wedding

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