Date Nights with fiance

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Fun Date Night Ideas

Wedding planning is stressful.

Once you set the date, you have a giant clock in front of you, bringing you closer to the most amazing day.

And you may love your partner will all of your heart, but sometimes the stress affects even the best of us.

Date night ideas with fiance

Instead of fighting over cocktail napkins and guest lists, create a fun and loving atmosphere, and organize fun nights for the two of you.

Relax together and have a good ol’ fashioned date night.

We can’t emphasize this enough.

Check our ideas and thank us later.

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How to Date your Fiance

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Netflix and Chill

Planning a wedding, working all week and taking care of your home can become a routine that might drive you crazy.

A nice idea is to spend a weekend binge-watching on movies and TV series, eating pizza and Chinese food on the couch, and drinking wine.

Don’t forget to flirt a little bit and keep the passion alive.

And yes, you can wear sweatpants.

Play a Fun Game that's New

Try something new and check out these fun at home “escape” games that are similar to the in person escape rooms!

Check out EXIT the Game and all the varieties they have. Solve riddles and puzzles and crack codes to escape from an imaginary room or environment. But the clock is ticking! Can you escape?

They’re absolutely perfect for 2 people and it’s a great bonding and team building experience!

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No Wedding Talk

If you are really close to your wedding day, then you may feel a little more stressed.

The majority of your conversations likely circle around the final steps of the planning.

This is not good for your headspace.

In order to avoid anxiety, set no-wedding talk nights.

You can spend them reading, working on your favorite hobby or going out with friends.

You can start planning the next morning with a clear head.

Celebrate the Good Times

They say that dancing is the perfect way to exercise and have fun at the same time.

And, it’s also a good way to release some stress.

Pick a day of the week and start rehearsals for your first dance together.

Choose your dance floor (maybe the kitchen floor) and start dancing till you drop.

Pick out your favorite songs and practice the steps.

Authentic Bride Guide Tip: Practice in the wedding shoes you’ll both be wearing on the big day. This will help you break them in and get comfortable.

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Take a Walk on the Wild Side

Are you an adventure seeker?

Note: This idea might need to wait until your local city is safe to wander out in public, but it’s a great idea to keep in your back pocket for now.

Start a new adventure with your fiance, and start exploring your own city! You might be surprised to find a lot of hidden gems you never knew about.

Organize a day with fun activities around the town, and spend the day together without the stress of the wedding planning.

You can try a new sushi restaurant, visit a museum, take a stroll at a new park or go to the movies across town.

Pretending to be a tourist for a day can be beneficial for your relationship and you may get some inspiration for your wedding.

Kiss Me

Every relationship, even the best ones, need a little spark.

While you’re wedding planning is the perfect time to rekindle the fire of your romance.

You can leave a love note to your partner, steal a small kiss or hold hands at the grocery store.

These small but romantic gestures will remind both of you that your wedding is really about.

Besides, a kiss is always welcomed. Wink, wink!

Time to Get Away

Organizing a wedding can be hectic and might remove some of the romance from your relationship for a bit.

Bring the fire back by organizing a weekend getaway to a nearby destination.

Choose a romantic Bed & Breakfast or a cabin in the woods, and spend some time away from the hustle and the fuss.

Connect with your fiance and find your inner peace.

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