Difficult Bridesmaids

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How to Avoid Bridesmaid Drama

Bridesmaids. The support system behind every bride. They make sure everything is perfect and everyone is having a great time at the bachelorette party, the bridal shower, and of course throughout the entire wedding day.

How to deal with bridesmaid drama

At least that’s what they’re supposed to do…

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Bridesmaids are human and sometimes far from perfect

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Even your best friend  can become unbearable before and during the wedding for unexplained reasons.

So, before the shade throwing and the potential hair pulling begin, read through these tips on how to handle the difficult bridesmaids from hell.

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The Limelight Stealer

The wedding day is all about the happy couple. Why would it be about anybody else?

Sometimes a difficult bridesmaid might spark some drama or become distant if she’s not getting the attention she craves, when the wedding is not about her. 

Now, let’s be honest. Instead of feeling mad, “use” her skills to get a better deal on hotel rooms or get a great table for the bachelorette party.

Now, what happens when this behavior comes out of the blue?

It’s time to have a serious chat with your girlfriend. There should be no issues with having a friendly chat with a friend that’s close enough for her to be in your wedding.

The Whiny Know It All

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Do you know what we can’t stand?

Bridesmaids who complain about everything and try to convince you that their way is better.

You value her opinion, but not when it’s always negative.

Imagine your bridesmaid criticizing the dress you’ve picked out for her. The fact that you’re getting married on football Sunday. She doesn’t want to take photographs at the beach.


So, why does she think she knows better and you should change all your plans to make her happy?

If you are getting tired of the criticism, it’s time to talk. Let your dear friend know that her actions make you sad and you want her to be supportive of your wedding planning decisions.

Let her know that you and your fiance want a one of a kind wedding, which means you’re excited to see your personal ideas come to life.

Be sure that your conversation is friendly and you’re not accusing them of anything before hearing their side of the story.

This should hopefully put a stop to her complaints.

The Lazy Bridesmaid

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Your bridesmaids are your friends. Why else would you have asked them to be involved in your wedding day?

It’s not unrealistic to expect help from your bridesmaids. You’ll need emotional support throughout the wedding planning and especially on the day of the wedding.

You want someone to stand by your side and take care of difficult and unexpected situations.

And to throw a kickass bachelorette party!

If you feel that a bridesmaid is being difficult and isn’t doing their part, it’s important to talk to them. Be honest about your feelings and let your bridesmaid explain their point of view.

Once you are on the same page, it’s time to enjoy the rest of the wedding planning.

Authentic Bride Guide Tip: Say “thank you” as often as you can throughout the wedding planning process.

The Mean Girls

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You want your wedding day to be perfect and to spend it with the loving friends you chose to be part of your big day.

An ideal scenario is a group of friends acting as a unit and working together, in order to make your dream wedding a reality.

Unfortunately, sometimes this is just a dream.

The last thing you want to stress out about is acting as a peacemaker between your bridesmaids when they’re being difficult.

First of all, talk to your bridesmaids all together and open a line of communication. Make them feel important and assure them that you are a team!

Maybe they feel uncomfortable with each other and don’t know how to tell you because they don’t want to make you feel bad.

If some of your bridesmaids still don’t get along, it’s time to ask the help of the most level headed bridesmaid. She can act like the peacemaker and defuse any possible tensions.

Lastly, organize a girls night with your bridesmaids prior to the bachelorette party that isn’t focused all about the wedding.

Some champagne and tasty treats can do miracles!

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Authentic Bride Guide Tip: Before you make accusations, do a self evaluation and make sure that there wasn’t an accidental bridezilla slip on your part. Take a step back and make sure that your expectations are not unreasonable.

Consider if her behavior is potentially caused by something else? (Is she stressed at her job? Having family problems?)

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