Hidden Wedding Costs

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Hidden Wedding Costs & Unplanned Expenses

Weddings are lovely. It’s the absolute declaration of love and happiness. But, weddings require money.

Typically a lot of money.

And many couples fall into the same mistake.

Hidden Wedding Costs To Add to your Wedding Budget

They estimate just a portion of the expenses into their wedding budget.

Then, wedding planning stress ensues as more and more smaller items (don’t forget the stamps!) build up.

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Fear not my lovebirds!

We have gathered common hidden or forgotten about expenses, so you can create a more accurate wedding budget.

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Bridesmaid Proposals

You don’t have to spend a small fortune in order to make it special.

Especially if you’re planning to give them gifts at the rehearsal dinner right before the wedding as well.

A nice bottle of wine or fun tote bag are great ideas to “propose” to your bridesmaid.

Bridal Beauty Trials

Bridal hair and makeup trials can cost as much as 50% of the day-of price. Yikes!

Before you pay, always ask what they charge per bridesmaid hair trial before you make an appointment.

Authentic Bride Guide Tip: Ask your stylist if a trial is absolutely necessary, especially if you trust your stylist and your hairstyle is not complicated.

Marriage License

The price for marriage licenses can range from as low of $10 to as much as $115 (oh yes).

The cost varies based on county, city or municipality and residential status.

All 50 states require engaged couples to get a marriage license before they can have a legally binding wedding so they can make things official.

You can’t skip this part. Do your research, because each state has different rules for how far before the ceremony you should get the license.

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Stamps & Envelopes

It may seem like an insignificant amount of money for a single stamp, but it adds up fast.

When you consider RSVP cards (and the reply pre-stamped envelope), invitations and thank you cards.

Postage rates add up quickly.

Check out these cute LOVE stamps for your wedding mail!

Authentic Bride Guide Tip: Save money and send out email invites for your engagement party, bridal shower, and bachelorette party. Have guests RSVP via email instead of having cards printed and having to pre-stamp them. 

Hotel Room

If you want to spend the night in a stress free environment, staying in a hotel the night before the wedding may help. Especially if any out of town friends or family are crashing at your place.

Authentic Bride Guide Tip: My husband and I were not into traditions, so we stayed at a hotel together the night before the wedding. We woke up and had breakfast together. It was a special moment we got to share before the day got busy. We don’t regret it for a second!

Valet Parking

Some things are better if they are free.

Especially free parking.

If the venue offers valet parking, you might end up adding several hundred dollars to your budget if you decide to use this service.

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Power & Lighting

Are you getting married in an old mansion with the most amazing ballroom? Or an outdoor barn?

Often times, these older, unused structures don’t have power or adequate lighting. You might need to shell out some extra cash for a generator and lights.

Lots of lights.

Unless you want to light thousands of candles and create a fire hazard. Just get a generator.

Vendor Meals

Some of your vendors will be at your wedding all day, and they’ll need food to survive and have adequate energy to be at their best for your big day.

Your photographer and videographer are working very long hours, so you’ll need to count them in the head count for dinner.

They deserve it!

Authentic Bride Guide Tip: Many vendors will add this into their contract, so read the fine print. If it’s not in there? It’s still a kind gesture they will appreciate.

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The Happy Couple's First Meal Together

Most couples forget to include themselves in the final catering head count.

Make sure you get to eat that tasty food that cost a pretty penny, and be sure to add two extra to the guest list.

Unexpected Wedding Guests

Weddings are full of fun surprises. Unfortunately, sometimes these surprises cost money, such as unexpected guests that “forgot” to RSVP.

Or, it’s very common for guests to bring a plus one when they weren’t supposed to. Make sure to include a few extra plates in your budget, just in case.

Wedding Guest Transportation

Making sure your friends and family have a good time at your wedding is the ultimate goal.

But, some guests might need a sober driver to get them home.

It’s a nice touch to pre-arrange a safe ride home. Uber or Lyft can make sure of that.

You can also check with the hotel where you reserved a room block if they offer free transportation from the wedding venue.

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