How to get fiance excited about wedding planning

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Ways to Include Your Fiance in the Wedding Planning

Let’s face it, ladies.

Not everybody is interested in color-coordinated binders and chair covers.

But, they’re more than happy to go on a few cake tasting appointments.

Am I right?

Ways to get your fiance interested in wedding planning

No planning, no stress, right?

Just because your fiance doesn’t have an opinion on every little detail, does not mean they’re not excited about the wedding itself.

But, we know it’s important to you for them to be involved at some level.

As soon as your fiance starts skipping appointments or constantly looking at their phone while you’re trying to make a decision, it’s time to ask a question to bring them back to reality, even for a moment.

In order to get your future spouse involved with the wedding stuff and not be miserable about it, we have some ideas you can follow.


1. Make Decisions Together

Even if your fiance isn’t interested in doing the research for all the little details, it’s important you make final decisions together.

Unless they’ve said they doesn’t mind to be left out of decisions, like how to tie the chair cover bows.

If there is something that’s important to you, be sure to let them know that you’d really like their input.

One thing you should be sure to do together is visit your favorite stores and create the perfect wedding registry list.

You should really listen to your fiance’s ideas and suggestions when they are getting involved.

Don’t dismiss them if they don’t go hand in hand with yours. 

2. Keep the Wedding Talk at a Minimum

Yes, your fiancé loves you.

But if the wedding planning is causing extra stress or annoyance, try not to talk about the wedding all the time.

You can plan scheduled “meetings” and discuss the progress.

Also, you can assign certain tasks to each other and give them the chance to have complete control over something.

Wedding Planning with Fiance

3. Wedding Assignments

During wedding meetings with your fiance, find out which part of the wedding makes them thrilled. Then, assign the appropriate task.

For example, if your fiance likes music you can ask them to search and review bands or DJs. Or, create a playlist for the rehearsal dinner and the after party.

If they’re a real foodie, they might be the perfect person to take care of the food and the drinks.

You might be surprised by their choices.

And if wedding planning is not their thing, perhaps they can start researching the honeymoon!

Engagement Photo Outfits

4. Mo’ money, Mo’ problems

In order to avoid fights about money, sit down together and create a realistic wedding budget.

Don’t let money to get in the way of true happiness.

Everything can be solved when you talk to each other.

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Ideas to get your fiance involved with the wedding

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