How to Get Ready for Engagement Photos

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Engagement Photography Ideas

Are you engaged and living in a premarital bliss? Then it’s time to snap some engagement photos.

But why you should take engagement photos?

Besides the fact that it’s fun?

First of all, it’s an easy way to announce your engagement.

Engagement Photography Prep

You can send Save The Date postcards or magnets with your favorite photos to your wedding guests.

Plus, you will get the chance to work with your wedding photographer, find out their style and get familiar with the lens.

If you want to know how to take the perfect engagement photos, check our tips and suggestions.

Don’t Forget: You’ll need an engagement photo album for all your amazing photos!

Our Best Tips to Prep for your Engagement Photos

Wedding Planning Inspiration

Say Cheese!

How many months before the wedding should we get engagement photos done?

There is no set answer here.

If you would like to use the photos for your Save The Dates, then plan to get the engagement photos taken at least 2 months before you want to drop those bad boys in the mail.

This is your time to shine in front of the camera!

Authentic Bride Guide Tip: Before you book an engagement photographer it’s important to get a commitment from them when your photos will be done. Make sure that date is in your contract. 

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Strike a Pose

Engagement Photography

Now, let’s take a step back.

Before you start looking for photographers, you have to decide what kinds of photos you want.

Formal or casual?

If you are having trouble deciding, just think where you will use the photos.

Will you send them to your relatives and friends, use them for your Save The Dates or to create wonderful home decor?

It’s important to plan in advance so you can provide your photographer ideas and get the outcome you dream of.

This is where Pinterest really comes in handy!

Engagement Photo Shoot Location

Wedding Photographer Questions To Ask

As for the location you have many options:

Outdoor engagement photography: More and more couples choose the great outdoors as the scenery for their engagement photos.

A local park, a botanical garden or a glorious landmark can become an instant studio.

If you don’t have a favorite place, ask the photographer for suggestions. Usually, professionals are more capable to provide you with ideas.

Home sweet home: Your home is your safe zone and your sanctuary.

It may be the perfect place to feel comfortable and strike a pose more easily.

Make sure to snap photos at various areas of the house or wherever you feel more at home!

Revisiting your favorite spots: You can relive your most memorable moments by recreating them on camera.

Take some photos at the place of your first date, go to your favorite coffee shop or the store you bought the first piece of furniture together.

These photos will have a deeper meaning and you will get to revive adorable memories.

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Dress to Impress

Engagement Photo Outfits

Now, the big question is: What to wear for engagement photos?

You don’t have to wear matching colors if you don’t want to.

But you could choose similar pattern or styles to look cohesive.

The clothes: You can choose to wear either formal or casual clothes. Neutral or pastel colors are great for engagement photos, because they won’t draw so much attention and will blend perfectly with the background.

The accessories: Depending on your outfits and style choice, the opportunities are endless. 

Photography Funds

Many wedding photographers include the engagement photo session in your wedding photo package.

But, if you don’t have that option, you might have to pay a few hundred dollars for a quick engagement photography session.

Τhe final cost will be determined on the photographer’s reputation, the location and the hours.

Authentic Bride Guide Tip: Keep in mind that your engagement photos are a great opportunity to capture some lovely moments between you and your partner. It’s your project and the final decisions are yours.

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