How to Pick your Bridesmaids

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How to Pick your Bridesmaids

Are you having a meltdown before the wedding? Are you looking for a shoulder to cry on?

Insert your bride tribe, aka your Bridesmaids and Maid of Honor.

The support group that will be by your side from the start to finish.

How to pick bridesmaids when you have no friends

The team that will fight for you, tell you the truth, and hug you tight when you’re feeling sad.

It goes without saying that you have to carefully choose who is going to stand in your corner and part of your squad.

You will need their emotional and physical support.

So, before you decide which gals will make the cut ask yourself: What do you want help with, who do you want and will they support you?

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Bridal Party 101

Bridesmaid Wedding Photos

The first step is making a list of your most trusted friends and close relatives who you might consider for your bridal party.

Then, decide how many Bridesmaids you want by your side.

There is no magic number. The decision is yours.

Think hard about who will truly be there for you. Once you have your final choices, organize a special brunch or get together and ask them to be a member of your bridal party with a cute Bridesmaid proposal gift!

You can also ask them individually as well so it is more personal. 

Be Clear About Your Vision

Many Bridesmaids and Groomsmen don’t have a clue about the “job description.”

Some of them think that they just have to stand next to you at the ceremony, wear something cute and say a few words at the reception.

The only way to avoid conflicts with your Bridesmaids down the road is to talk about your expectations and needs up front.

Chat about what you would like the wedding planning to look like and how you’d like the bridal party’s help. That way there are no surprises.

First of all, make a list of the things you want your bridal party to help with.

Be honest about everything.

Let them know the types of things you’d like: a bachelorette party with fun games and decorations, have your friends go wedding dress shopping with you, need help with favors, etc. 

Then, decide if the girlfriends you have chosen can take on any of the tasks. Be realistic about your expectations. For instance, your pregnant Maid of Honor shouldn’t be expected to go dancing until 2 in the morning, even if she’s not drinking.

Don’t be a bridezilla, my friends. Period

The Weakest Link

How do I pick my Maid of Honor?

A lot of your friends and family members will want to be a part of the bridal party. But you can’t have 17 Bridesmaids! 

Well, you can, but the logistics will be a nightmare.

Of course, you are not obligated to ask everyone that expects to be in your wedding, but you must be prepared for consequences.

From losing a friend to a series of emails from your Aunt Becky demanding to know why her 11-year old daughter wasn’t picked as a flower girl.

Before you start feeling bad, repeat this five times out loud: My wedding. My decisions.

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Will You Be My...

Once your list of Bridesmaids and Groomsmen is complete, you have to pop the big question. Always keep in mind where they are in life right now.

Can they meet your expectations, emotionally, financially and physically?

Maybe there are planning their own wedding or they just had a baby. Or, they are going through an emotional turmoil and they are not ready to spend time organizing a very romantic occasion aka your wedding.

Always, be open for suggestions and conversations. It’s the best way to give your bridal party the chance to share their thoughts and find out what they are capable to do.

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