How to Start an Amazon Wedding Gift Registry

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How to start an Amazon Wedding Registry

Amazon is one of the best places to create a wedding registry.

It’s convenient for your guests and you get a lot of extra perks too, like 20% off any items that your guests didn’t purchase!

Here’s a step by step guide to get your Amazon gift registry up in no time.

how to start a wedding registry

Free Amazon Prime Trial

You don’t need to have an Amazon Prime account to create a wedding registry, but you’ll get more perks when you do. 

Want a free 30 day trial? Use our special link to get started. 

Start Your Gift Registry

Visit the Amazon Wedding Gift Registry page.

Click the ‘Create Your Registry’ button. 

Create a new Amazon account for free, or login using your existing account details.

Customize Your Profile

You’ll need to fill in some basic details like your names, wedding date and location, a special note to your guests, and some preferences on communication updates on your registry.

How to start a wedding registry

Start Adding Gifts

It’s easy to add gifts to your new Amazon registry. Here are a few options:

  • Search for gifts by categories Amazon has set up, such as rooms in your house, brands, hobbies, or popular gifts
  • Use their new Gift Advisor tool which makes personal recommendations based on your previous purchases
  • Search for the item directly and click the “Add to Wedding Registry” link on the product page

Not Sure What to Register For?

Create a registry filled with items that you need or want, but don’t forget to add some fun stuff too.

You don’t have to stick to traditional gifts.

Add some fun ideas like gift cards to your favorite restaurant, lawn or board games, movies, camping gear, or tools for upcoming home improvement projects. Get creative!

If you’re still having a hard time coming up with things to add, look around the house to see if there’s anything you could use replacements of. Are your baking sheets rusted or bent? Could you use a new set of bed sheets? Is your book collection looking sparse?

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