The Marriage and Money Playbook

Let's get your relationship on track when it comes to finances...

so you can make the honeymoon phase permanent, and not stress about money all the time.


Money. Cash. Dinero. Finances.

How do you combine finances after marriage? Or, what if you want to keep your finances separate? One of the most painful – yet necessary – conversations you may have with your partner.

Engaged couples often avoid the conversation as long as humanly possible, but this creates more friction that necessary.

Are you ready to learn how to talk about money with your fiance or spouse without causing a fight?

My best advice: don’t wait until you’re married to have the money talk. Being open, honest, and respectful is key to avoid a stressful start to your marriage.

That’s why I want to help you break down any barriers and guide you through navigating your finances together as a married couple, so you can enjoy married life without a big pile of debt.

I created something you’re going to love and will help you never want to fight about money again.

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Do you want to build a debt free lifestyle?