Gift Ideas for Parents & Future In Laws

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Wedding Day Gift Ideas for Parents

Stressed about finding the perfect gift for your parents and future in laws?

Both sets of parents are likely just as stressed about the wedding as you.

They want to look good for you on your special day.

Wedding day thank you gift for parents

Which means Mom is spending all her free time looking for the perfect Mother of the Bride dress.

And, Dad is practicing his walk down the aisle with you in his spare time. (He’s so cute!)

They want to make sure you are happy. Even if they don’t show it, they likely have a bit of anxiety.

Make sure you show your gratitude with a special thank you gift. 

Start Shopping: Thank you gifts for parents

There are a lot of emotions at play here!

Short Wedding Dress

Choose a personal gift that will speak to their heart and remind them of your love

Wedding Day Gifts for Mom

Wedding Day Gifts for Dad


The Future In Laws

Your new family members deserve to be included in your special day, too. 

So, if your fiance’s parents love wine or craft beer, you could gift them with a three-month subscription to a club where bottles will be delivered directly to their doorstep.

What a fun surprise!

Consider giving your mother in law a set of earrings and necklace and your father in law a tie and pair of fun socks for them to wear on your wedding day.

Add a gift card to their favorite restaurant into the mix and you’re set!

Authentic Bride Guide Tip: On our wedding day, my husband and I chose to give gifts to our parents as an individual, instead of a couple. This allowed us to make them more personalized and special.

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