Should I include my pet in my wedding

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How to Include Dogs in a Wedding

Are you a proud owner of a pet?

Can’t spend much time apart from your adventurous pup or your lovely cat?

Pets are an important member of a couple’s family and your big day might not feel the same without them.

Creative ways to include pet in wedding

But, in order to include your pet you must organize the event accordingly and take a few precautions.

You can check out our tips on how to keep your pet safe and the guests relaxed!

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Will my dog behave itself?

Wedding Dog of Honor

Your adorable pet can be a guest of honor, the ring bearer, the flower girl or simply stand with the wedding party during the ceremony.

If you want to give an active role to your pet, you have to consider their personality and whether they will rise up to the occassion or raise chaos.

For instance, your pet might get nervous around big groups, or maybe they’re not so well behaved with children.

You have to be 100% sure that your pet will sit still and behave.

Of course, there is a solution. You can hire a pet sitter!

By having a person responsible for your pet and their needs, will make you feel calmer at your wedding day.

Pet sitters will bring your pet to the ceremony, keep them company during the reception and take them home after the event.

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Are Animals Allowed at Your Venue?

Pet in Wedding

While planning your wedding and dealing with vendors, you might forget to ask the most important question.

Is your pet is allowed at the location of the ceremony and/or the reception?

If not, you can still include them at your wedding celebration by taking photographs together after the ceremony.

Will your pet tolerate a bow tie or tutu?

Are you thinking about dressing your pet in an amazing outfit?

Before you do it, you must make sure that it fits and your pet will feel comfortable.

You really don’t want a pet chewing the bow tie, while you exchange vows.

Also, choose simple accessories and check them for safety issues.

Lastly, ensure that the flowers or plants that you have picked are not toxic to your pet.

Inform Your Guests

If you are planning to include your pets at your wedding, you should consider letting your guests know either on the invitations or your wedding’s website.

Some of them might suffer from pet allergies and if they want to attend they must take precautions.

Of course, if your Maid of Honor is allergic, maybe your pet will not spend the entire day with you.

Bride Photo

Say "Woof"

Have you decided to have a photography session with your pet?

You must notify your photographer beforehand.

It will help them prepare for the moments that your pet will be unpredictable.

In addition, the photographer will likely have some fun ideas for pictures with your four-legged furry friend.

“I DO” not want my pet in the wedding

You love your pets. They love you back.

But what if your partner is not very fond of your dog and he doesn’t want any pets at the ceremony or the reception?

You have to talk it out.

Maybe he is afraid of your pet’s unplanned actions.

Before starting a fight, assure him you will hire a pet sitter and everything will be fine!

After all puppy love can bring a smile on everyone’s face!

Talk to the Paw

Whatever you decide to do, make sure to trust your instincts.

You know your pet better than everyone else and you love them.

And a pet sitter is a great idea. Just, think about it!

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