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Write about your wedding planning AND make money from it with a wedding blog!

Start a wedding blog and earn money online

Why should you start a wedding blog?

You’re planning a wedding and learning a lot!

Why not share your wedding planning advice with the world and earn some extra money to pay for your own wedding?

Yes, you can make money blogging about planning your wedding.

Your audience is already on Pinterest (which is where you probably found us!) so that part is easy!

It’s a win win!

Don’t worry, you don’t need to be super tech-savy. 

And you never know. You might fall in love with blogging and the extra income, that you continue to grow your blog after the wedding is over!

Web Hosting

5 Easy Steps to Start a Wedding Blog

Make money online by starting a wedding blog

1) Pick a Domain Name

Pick a name that’s fun, catchy, and memorable. 


Web Hosting

2) Get Website Hosting

What is “hosting”?

Your domain name is your online store name. Web hosting is where your store “lives” on the Internet.

Your website’s monthly “rent” is cheaper than a Starbucks coffee!

Paying less than $5 a month is an absolute steal to host your website online.

Your web host (we highly recommend SiteGround) will save all your files and images so your website can run 24/7 with no issues.

SiteGround will take care of a lot of hard work for you that you never have to worry about.

The ‘StartUp Plan’ is perfect to get your wedding blog up and running.

While it may sound easier to build an easy “drag and drop” website with someone like Wix, it will strongly limit your ability to customize it to your likings and limit the opportunity to monetize it…which is the whole point of starting your wedding blog!

3) Set up your Website

You’re ready to get started! Next you’ll need to install WordPress, which SiteGround makes super easy.

What is WordPress?

It’s what you’ll use to pick a theme to make your site look the way you want, add plugins for fun features, and create new blog posts.

Don’t worry, WordPress is absolutely free. 

4) Start Your Wedding Blog

Now’s the fun part!

Start writing about the wedding planning process!

Here’s some ideas to get started…

  • Take pictures of wedding dress shopping
  • Write tutorials or record videos of DIY projects
  • Give advice on creating a wedding budget
  • Write reviews on the products you loved (or didn’t!)
  • Share recipes for healthy meals
Web Hosting

5) Make Money!

Yes, you can seriously make money with your wedding blog by simply sharing real reviews of products you loved (or didn’t), questions to ask vendors, or anything else! 

People who are engaged love to get wedding inspiration from Pinterest so you already have an audience out there that wants to spend money!

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Free Blogging Resources

  • Pinterest
  • Free stock images
  • Canva

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