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Wedding Day Emergency Kit Essentials

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You have the wedding dress, the shoes, undergarments, veil, and jewelry

Now, you are ready to get married.

It’s a long day and you need to be prepared for everything that might happen!

From a broken nail to a zombie apocalypse.

Wedding Day Bride Emergency Kit

Prepare a cute wedding day bride bag with all the essentials for your wedding day.

Bride Emergency Kit Supplies

DIY Wedding Decorations

Sewing Kit

Don’t leave the house without a sewing kit. This is not a fire drill.

It can literally save the day if for any reason there is a mishap with the dress or any garment.

Make sure to pack sewing needles and thread, safety pins, a small pair of scissors, hem tape and buttons, just to name a few.

Beauty Bag

You never know what you’re going to need. Even if you think you’ll never need it, throw it in there!

Tweezers, extra bobby pins, nail file, nail clippers, clear nail polish, hair ties, razor and shaving cream, Nair, lotion, hair spray, toning mist, and some Vaseline to name a few.

Here are some fun wedding day emergency kits that are pre-packed for you!


Your makeup will not stay intact all night, especially once you start grooving on the dance floor. 

You might cry, you’ll probably sweat, and you’ll definitely be receiving a lot of hugs. 

Even if your makeup is applied professionally, you can use some of your own makeup to touch up little areas and nobody will ever know. 

Pack a cute makeup bag with the essentials: mascara, eyeliner, foundation, highlighter, clear lip gloss, blush. 

First Aid Kit

This is a must. You just never know what’s going to happen.

Fill a cute zipper pouch with Tylenol for an unexpected headache, Pepto for nausea, band aids, and other medication you might need.

Trust us on this one.

Bride Accessories

Perfume and Deodorant

Of course you want to look good, but you’ll want to smell good, too!

Especially if you’re having an outdoor wedding where you might get a little sweaty. (It happens.)

Snacks and Water

Some brides have been known to skip meals before the ceremony.

That’s definitely a no-no.

Make sure to eat a good breakfast, before you start getting ready.

Your venue may provide the bridal suite with water and champagne, snacks or lunch. This is an important question to ask in advance so you can be prepared. 

Even if they do provide some yummies, you should bring some snacks and food that you know you will like and will easy on your stomach in case you are nervous. 

Take it easy on the champagne while you’re getting ready.

It’s important to stay hydrated with water while you’re getting ready for your big moment.

Wedding Dress Shopping

Every Day Accessories

Although you’ll be crazy busy during the wedding and probably won’t be on your phone (leave the picture taking to your friends and the wedding photographer) it’s important to have your cell phone charger for getting ready and after the reception.

It’s a safe bet to bring your tooth brush, tooth paste, dental floss, and have some gum handy, too.

Authentic Bride Guide Tip: I prepped a cute white clutch with only the essentials (cell phone, lip gloss, compact mirror, mints, photo ID) to have at the head table with me. I gave it to my mom to hang onto during the ceremony and as soon as we sat down for dinner she brought it to me safe and sound. 

Bridesmaid Shoes

Clothes & Lingerie

You are in love with your wedding dress but you can’t sleep with it or go swimming!

Make sure to pack anything you’ll want to wear immediately after the wedding or the next morning.

A pair of comfy pajamas are a safe bet, but don’t forget your sexy nightgown, ladies!

You’ll want an outfit and comfortable shoes for the day after the wedding.

Be sure to remember makeup remover, your every day makeup, and deodorant.


Don’t forget to pack all the “day of” gifts that you might be giving your mother, your bridal party or your soon to be spouse!

Often times gifts will be handed out at the reception, but it’s perfectly ok to share your appreciation the day of. 

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