Where to Create Wedding Registries

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How to Start a Wedding Gift Registry

You may be excited to start registering for wedding gifts, or it might make you feel like you’re fishing for gifts. 

Either way, you need to create a wedding gift registry.

Yes, even if you can’t think of anything you need.

Where to create a wedding gift registry

Your friends and family want to buy you a gift to celebrate your big day, and it makes things easier for everyone to give them some suggestions. 

You don’t want to end up with a bunch of stuff you can’t use, and without a registry of any kind, it makes things difficult to exchange. 

Other alternatives are to ask for cash gifts to put toward your Honeymoon. See below for more information on Honeyfund.

Or, register for replacements or “upgrades” of items you already have.

I’m sure we could all use some new sheets, bath towels, or rust free baking sheets. 

Our Favorite Places to Register

Amazon Wedding Registry

An Amazon gift registry is perfect because it benefits both you and your wedding guests. 

You get 20% off items on your registry that nobody bought.

Your guests get the convenience of sending your gift directly to you without having to bring it to the wedding. 

Even better for guests who are traveling. 

Win Win.


With ZOLA, you get so much more than a wedding registry where you can add items from a wide variety of websites and stores, bonus gifts when your guests spend over $500, and 20% off un-purchased items. 

In addition, you can also build a free wedding website and use their free wedding guest list tracker


Sync all of your store registries into one gift list at MyRegistry, which is super convenient for your wedding guests.

There is a cash fund option, too!


Honeyfund is the perfect solution for engaged couples who don’t want a traditional registry, and would prefer to receive funds toward their Honeymoon or an upcoming house project.

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