Where to Save & Where to Splurge

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"Say Yes" To The Perfect Wedding Budget

First comes love. Then comes marriage.

Then comes the wedding bill!

Getting married is what you’ve always dreamed of. You imagine yourself next to the person you love, exchanging vows of eternal love.

Wedding Budget Calculator

In the background the wedding planner is waiting for the check.

Not so romantic, right?

Planning a wedding can be fun like… a roller coaster. One day you are up in the clouds and the next you have reached the bottom extremely fast.

Especially when you have to organize the wedding budget AND stick to it.

But, every wedding budget has a starting point.

First, imagine the wedding you want.

Wedding Budget Template

Then estimate the amount of money you wish to spend. And then send out lots of good vibes that the two concepts will synchronize.

HA! In reality, this is not how wedding budgeting works!

You will quickly realize that even if you set a budget, the number will be much higher at the end, no matter how hard you try.

For example, the photographer might want more money because your wedding is on Saturday or you need them to stay one extra hour over their package so they can capture the grand exit.

We’ve all racked our brains on how to save money and even how to stick to a wedding budget.

That’s why we can give you the advice needed before you start spending.

Plan, Plan, Plan

Let’s get to work. Bring a calculator, pen and paper, and ask yourself — and your fiance — where do we want to get married?

Do you want a lavish wedding, an intimate ceremony or you want to invite every person you’ve ever met?

Maybe you want a big wedding or you want to travel to an exotic destination with a few loved ones.

Once you decide the style, the rest will start falling into place.

The next step is to choose your top 5 priorities for the wedding.

For instance, you want an open bar (cocktails can save the dance floor), the best food, an amazing wedding dress, unforgettable party favors, live band, or any other element you wish to add to your wedding day.

This list of priorities will help you focus on the things that matter to the two of you.

Don’t forget to create a list with the priorities in order to check the budget and the fees.

Create Your Free Wedding Website

My Precious Money

After you set your priorities, it’s time to budget for the rest of the wedding necessities. This time you can re-evaluate some of them and make them fit your budget.

For example, you can DIY the party favors. The “Do It Yourself” wedding projects are fun.

It’s a great way to get help from family and bridesmaids that have offered to help. You can create signs, decorations or party favors and add your own personal touch.

These projects can quickly add up, so be sure to check out the dollar store or Goodwill for craft supplies, and use coupons at craft stores like Michael’s or Hobby Lobby.

Trust us, nobody will know you got supplies from the dollar store.

Where to Splurge vs. Where to Save

Having difficulties knowing where large chunks of your wedding budget should be spent?

We’ve talked to many brides, and this is often what they say about where it makes to splurge on your wedding day.

Wedding Dress & Accessories

Spend on
The wedding dress. If you want to feel like a princess then you deserve the dress of your dreams. This is your day! And forget the online bridal shop. You don’t know what you’ll get.

Remember the dress your friend Celia got when she tried to save a few bucks? Awful!

Shoes. Imagine your feet in uncomfortable shoes for 10-12 hours. Not pleasant. So, when it comes to wedding shoes choose classic, good quality and everlasting.

Save on
Makeup. First of all, you are beautiful (in every single way). You don’t need a professional to apply your makeup on your wedding day. You can do it yourself or ask a friend who might know how to contour and highlight.

Also, you can check makeup artists in your area, who will work within your budget.

Accessories. You don’t need to add another expense to your (long) list. You can ask a family member or a dear friend for wedding jewelry. It will make it extra special!

Budget Wedding Food

Food & Drinks

Spend on
Late night snacks. If you want to have an after party, you must have food! You can choose something simple but delicious like burgers and fries, or even tacos. This is optional but it’s a great idea to grab a snack and chill with your family and close friends.

Cake. If your mom offers to bake the cake just say NO! Professional wedding cake bakers know what they’re doing, and they will make sure to create the cake you want.

Main course. Chicken, steak or fish? What about the vegetarians? In order to keep your guests well fed, serve two or three options together. Food brings us closer.

Save on
Bar. The open bar concept is a great idea but it’s very expensive! If you don’t want to spend a lot of money offer wine, beer and a signature cocktail.

Budget Wedding Venue

Wedding Reception

Spend on
Music. Only trust the lyric “Last night a DJ saved my life”. Pick the right DJ or band, unless you want to send everyone home after dinner.

Photography. Find the wedding photographer you like and don’t think about the money. Your wedding photos are precious and you want the BEST outcome so you can enjoy them for years to come.

Save on
Party favors. Everyone loves wedding favors, even if it’s just a lovely bag of candy. And wedding favors are the number 1 DIY project. Gather your friends, cousins, nieces and create favors according to your wedding style.

Or, why not skip them altogether? Nobody will be offended, I promise!

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